Hack, v.,  to devise or modify, usually skillfully.

The dictionary definition works. Hacking high school is either devising (creating) your own high school curriculum or modifying what’s available to you at your public high school.

I’m really into this idea because education, particularly high school education, can make or break you. Get a good education, you’re set. Bad education, you’re stuck behind.

Almost everyone  assumes that the school you’ve been given–the one you happen to live within the boundaries for–is your only option. But it’s not. There are hundreds, even thousands, of alternate–and legal!–options for you.

This blog will focus on two aspects of hacking high school:

  1. Creating your own, legal education outside of public school.
  2. Modifying public school. Again, legally.

Why bother? Public high school is awful. The education is often terrible, the social expectations oppressing, and it takes up so much time that you don’t have room for anything else.

I’ve done tons of research on high school education, and the experts agree–the only thing worse than public high school is no education at all.

Plus, I personally hacked my own high school education. I studied abroad in New Zealand, graduated early, and started college shortly after my 17th birthday. Now I have my dream job as a published writer.

And yet…there’s so much potential. Your education can take you anywhere. A lack of education keeps you down. So make the most of it.


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