The expert opinion

15 Nov

Ha! I found this article today and thought it was fantastic: A Blueprint for Reinventing Education.

A lot of Marty Nemko’s suggestions parallel my own ideas for a hacked education:

Super teachers: we try to get this in a hacked education by “taking” classes from iTunes U and OpenCourseWare classes.

Life skills classes: I agree. Life skills are essential to learn. What’s better? Passing algebra or knowing how to budget your money so you’re not drowning in debt by the time you’re 25?

More big projects: This one excites me. First, because I learn way more if my education is couched in a large project. Second,  I have several ideas in mind to suggest to you on how to implement big projects in your education. They’re tenatively titled “High School MBA” and “College Prep Video Games.” Interested? Comment below.

Give students a choice: Letting students choose what they’ll learn gives them a vested interest in their own education. The key, as Marty Nemko emphasizes, is to keep it high quality.

Mentor-centric curriculum: YES. I am a proponent of mentoring and reccomend it to anyone hacking their education. I love his idea of having a site like for students and potential mentors.

It’s always nice when smart people and experts back you up. I am off to explore more of Marty Nemko’s site to get more ideas for Hacking High School.

Do you have any suggestions on ways to reinvent education? Comment below!


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