Free Ivy League…to Reuse as High School

12 Nov

Sound too good to be true? Check out iTunes U in for a source of free, high quality university courses you can use as a high school class.


I don’t need to tout the value of free, but the classes are the exact same courses that would cost you thousands of dollars each if you attended them in person.

Ivy League

Not just any college, mind you: big-name colleges like Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Stanford. The classes cover just about anything you’d want to know: English, history, math, science, even study skills and things like “lumped circuit abstraction” (whatever that is).

High school success

Yes, these are college-level classes, but they’re not impossible for a high school student. First of all, don’t be intimidated by the “university” label. There’s no need. You’re smart enough. The only thing that might give you trouble is insufficient background knowledge. But since these videos are recorded, if you come up on something that you don’t understand, you can pause and look it up.  Looking it up will not only answer your question, but refine your research skills. (If you’re keeping a daily log, be sure to include “research” as an entry every time you look something up.)

Concentrate on the class. Unless you’ve proven that you study better with music or whatever, turn off all distractions (especially text messages and status updates) and concentrate fully on the class. The less you allow yourself to be distracted, the easier the class will be. Plus, the more you concentrate, the better you learn.

Take notes during the classes. If you don’t have the chance to look up your questions immediately, write them down and look them up as soon as you can afterwards.


If you have an iPod (or other Apple creation), mp3 player, or computer, you can enjoy these classes wherever you can take your device. Do you learn best outside? Go to the beach or lie on the hammock and enjoy the breeze as you learn. Would you rather be curled in a snug chair at Barnes & Noble or your favorite library? Go for it. There’s no rule saying you have to study in a boring place.


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