Study Hacks

8 Nov

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I just found a fabulous website at the end of last week: Study Hacks, by Cal Newport. I’m now a huge fan. Cal wrote a book called How to Be a High School Superstar. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m heading out to my library today to pick it up.

Study Hacks is a great website for learning how to study without killing yourself. Cal’s idea is that you should study efficiently, rather than wasting your time like the majority of people do when they “study.” My favorite so far is “The Art of Stealth Studying: How To Earn a 4.0 With Only 1.0 Hours of Work” (I developed a method very similar to this when I was in school–it works!).

He also says you should do fewer things, but do them incredibly well, to make yourself appealing to college admissions folks. He makes the case well, particularly in his post, “How to get into Stanford with Bs on your Transcript.”
Cal compares two students, one who was captain of the track team and other usual activities that ambitious high school students, another who does marketing and lobbied delegates at the UN.

The second is way more interesting and way more likely to get into a good college.

That’s one of the motivating things behind Hacking High School: make your education vastly more interesting, both to you now and college recruiters on the future. You’ll learn more, learn better, and go farther.


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